One who neglects the committed voters and pampers the uncertain voters meets doom: Panchtanta.

Yo dhruvani parityajya adhruvani nishevate। dhruvani tasya nashyanti adhruvam nashtameva hi.

Had this Sanskrit niti shloka at all been observed by Sushil Modi during recent Bihar election, it would have saved the Bihar Assembly for BJP. There was a committed vote segment of the Upper Castes and the Bania in Bihar which by itself could achieve the majority of the assembly seats. This vote bank was supplemented by the voter of OBC and Dalits in selected constituencies owing to local factors. For example, in Kumharar (Central Patna) Koeris and Nishad vote for BJP owing to the complicated demography with the Muslim population in that area. Other than this type of locations, the OBCs never vote for the BJP. Banias, although belonging to the OBC in Bigar, now vote in favour of the BJP primarily because they suffered from the jungle raj the most and all their business had been ruined during the Laloo raj. Moreover Susil Modi, Narendra Modi both being Banias the Bania caste identifies itself much better with BJP today than it did 20 years back in Bihar politics.

Completely ignoring that the Bhumihar, Maithil Brahmin, other Brahmins, Rajputs and Kayastha have shown 100% commitment to the BJP in the last 10 years, Sushil Modi preferred to ignore and humiliate these cases. Once he said in the Patna level meeting of Upper Caste workers of Patna region, “You like me or not, you have no other option but to vote for BJP, for the simple reason that you know that if Laloo comes he will torment you again.”

Such had been the confidence of Sushil Modi over the hypothesis that the upper castes fear the Laloo so much that they will never vote the RJD or any of its allies. It is true that they (the upper castes) would not vote in favour of RJD yet they could influence the results by being aggressive voters or by choosing to sit frustrated at home without going to the voting booth. This the latter thing took place ultimately in this recent election.

No rallies of any upper caste leader was allowed by BJP. Only Nand Kishore Yadav and Sushil Modi himself attended all rallies. Narendra Modi was prompted and forced to speak out shameless things which only Laloo dared speak in the past. I am a backward. Reservation is constitutional right. Reservation will continue… things like that did not behove well of Narendra Modi. He had so far been considered a politician above caste politics. However his castist campaign tarnished his high impression a lot.

In fact this election campaign witnessed Jetli-ization of Narendra Modi and Laloo-ization of Sushil Modi.

in a nutshell the election campaign of the BJP was defective because it ignored its staunch supporters and brutalized them while pampering its uncertain votes.

Other vices too existed. Doling out seats to Rambilas and Upendra Kushwaha reduced the contested seats by BJP and 95% of the candidates put up by Rambilas, Upendra Kushwaha nad Manjhi lost. Only five won out of some 85 seats. This loss was not necessary. BJP should have not given any seats to these parties in the 2014 Lok Sabha itself, because these parties did not have any support in the masses but they won because of the wave in favour of Narendra Modi.

The candidates given by Sushil Modi were of extremely poor quality. More than half had criminal cases. It was well understood by masses that the tickets had been sold for heavy prices.

Thus apart from the fear of Laloo coming back to power, there was nothing to motivate the Bani and Upper caste voters to feel enthusiastic about the election and took pains to come out to vote in favour of the BJP.

Thus we can say that the ancient book of political training “Panchtantra” and “Hitopadesha” has today not only relevant but also essential for any politician who wishes to survive in politics of 21st Century India. Clearly, by ignoring

Sushil Modithe niti-shloka

“Yo dhruvani parityajya adhruvani nishevate। dhruvani tasya nashyanti adhruvam nashtameva hi”, Sushil Modi dig his own political grave.


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