The Land Bill will criminalize the farmers all over India

The Land Bill will criminalize the farmers all over India

Without going into the details of every bit, in a nutshell we can say that after this bill has been passed, the prices of land all over India will increase. As the food-grain prices will remain almost the same as they are, farmers will prefer to sell land and eat that money as they are doing today in Najafgarh and Haryana.

For example the price of fertile agricultural land in my village located in Vaishali District of Bihar was fifty rupees per square yard until five years back. By the rumours of four time compensation and possibility of arriving industries, it has gone up to rupees five hundred per square yard. As soon as the proposed bill is passed the price of such land will grow to several thousand rupees per square yard, as they have gone up in Haryana and Rajasthan.

Its implications are grave. For example, I staying at Delhi and my farming land is located in Bihar. about a decade back about 1000 square yards of my land was encroached upon and captured by an adjoining farmer. The offender belonged to my clan and I just ignored the issue thinking that well, the price of the encroached land values about 50,000/- which is much less than what I will have to spend in recovering my land which will involve making a few visits to Bihar as well as the legal fees.

However when the price of the same encroached piece of land will become Rs 20,00,000/- @ Rs 2000/- per square yard, I may like to spend even Rs. 5,00,000/- to get it back. The entire psychology changes.

It has been found that most of the murders committed in Haryana are because of such land disputes. High prices of land promote land disputes and crimes associated with them. Therefore before passing such law, it is essential that a fast land-dispute redressal mechanism be put in place.

At present the land disputes are cleared by passing through several levels which takes more than 30 years in Bihar. Another 30 years are taken to clear the appeal by the High Court. The criminal offence remains the only avenue available to the affected and aggrieved party.

Moreover, there is no process of fixing the boundaries of the individual land holdings vis-à-vis the map published by the land revenue department for each plot of land. This is the cause of most of the disputes. The employees appointed for this in Revenue Circles are so less in number that they cannot do it at all. Thus, the appointment of properly trained land-measurement staff called “ameens” in adequate numbers in each Land Revenue Circle (or Block) is essential before such Land Law is put into the book.

The next issue is alcoholism and goondaism. When the cheap money comes by selling the land, most of the farmers sell their lands to acquire posh house, big cars (like Bolero and Scorpio) and start drinking regularly. Alcoholism has been proven to have criminalizing effect on humans. Thus the rural folk would become alcoholic and criminalized after this Land Bill is passed. They will have enough money to buy pistols. They will have enough money to bribe the police every time they commit crime. Easy money to idle lives produces criminal and feudal attitudes. Honour killings will become common. Female infanticide will become common and affordable ton these feudalized persons.

The entire social structure will get deformed. India will become just like the wild west of India.



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